Another day, another leak, Spies.

The folks over at Off-Road posted pictures that someone found while doing some digging. And, we likey.

According to the truck pub, someone ran across images from the Las Vegas dealer event that happened in October. Apparently, the images were available on a publicly accessible part of a Ford website that was hosting images from the soirée.

I am thinking there's a chance someone may be getting fired.

While their story suggests that this is the 2020 Bronco, in fact, we believe this is actually the "baby" Bronco that's been much talked about. After cross referencing the teaser images that Ford has shown the world, there's no question that this is the "baby" Bronco. The dead giveaway is the vehicle's C-Pillar.

...Found on a publicly accessible part of a Ford website hosting pictures of the 2018 dealer meeting in Las Vegas, these pictures give us a dandy look at the new Bronco.

A pair of superbly retro round LED headlights paying homage to the original Bronco bookend a bold grille featuring the word FORD in block letters, which appear to be illuminated. This mirrors some of the teaser images officially released by Ford, so we’re confident this is the real deal...

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LEAKED! Pictures REVEAL What The All-new, Ford

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