Yesterday evening's commute home was brutal. And, no, I am not using hyperbole.

While I know we have some New Yorkers here on AutoSpies, I know the majority of our users aren't from the area. Simply put, a Nor'easter paid us a visit before Thanksgiving to dump snow on us. This is sort of a rare happening.

Originally forecast to drop less than an inch across most of the Tri-state region, the storm wound up changing its intensity and hung out a bit longer. Most of the area received six inches of powder, and a mixture of rain and sleet.

For whatever reason, the clean up crews got out late and folks left work early to try to avoid hell. Well, that's just what they received.

The major arteries that the New York area rely on were, for the most part, completely unkempt. And, full of gridlock. In New Jersey, alone, there were a reported, 1,000 vehicular accidents and 1,900 motorist aide requests.

The New Jersey governor, Phil Murphy, responded the blame rests on the forecasters. New York City's Mayor, Bill De Blasio, said the city was caught off guard.

I spent four and a half hours getting home last night in what should have taken no longer than 45 minutes. A friend spent nine hours in what is typically a one and a half hour commute. The record I've heard so far — via local radio station, 1010 WINS — is 14 hours. A local school district in New Jersey — West Orange — had more than 300 students spend the night at the middle school.

All that said, whose head should roll, Spies? Who gets the blame for this gross mismangement across the New York metro area?

Drivers were stranded for hours, mass transit was a mess and stranded elementary students were forced to spend the night at schools. New Jersey's first snowstorm of the season was a disaster and the state's response left them seething.

But Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy wasn't taking the blame. He blamed weather forecasters after the storm dropped more than a half a foot of snow in some areas.

On Thursday, after spending the day touting his accomplishments at a convention in Atlantic City, Murphy took to social media, releasing a video in his tie-less suit, saying forecasters had gotten the storm wrong...

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Snow Storm GRINDS New York Tri-state Region To A HALT — Who's To BLAME?

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