The 2000s era Ford GT is a hot car. Although its price bumped around a little bit, these days you can find them trading hands for anywhere from $200-300,000 smackers.

Of course this all depends on miles, condition, options, livery, etc.

But if you want the best of the litter, it's going to likely run you north of $300,000. And if you want one that's showroom fresh, hold onto your hats folks.

Golf Mill Ford, which is located in Illinois, has a 13-year-old GT in stock and it's as fresh as they get. According to the listing it currently has just over 100 miles on the odometer.

Even more important, however, is the fact it's never been titled. That means it is considered a brand new vehicle.

It won't come cheap, however. The dealer currently is saying its MSRP is $495,000 and it has "marked it down" to $449,900. This is a bit of a stretch as the all-new GT's MSRP is about half a million dollars, meanwhile the 2000s era GT's base price was about $157,000.

Who's idea was this? Shelly?

Having said that, I've got to ask: Is a 2005 Ford GT with about 100 miles on the clock work about $450,000?

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A BRAND NEW 2005 Ford GT Is For Sale — Is It WORTH What This Dealer Is ASKING?

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