While we do like to report serious auto-related news, every once and a while we like to show you the lighter side of life. This is one of those instances.

In a Russian city, there's a bridge that is the most direct route to the city center; however, there's just one catch: It is a vehicle-only bridge. If you're motivating using you're feet, you're screwed.

That said, several individuals hatched a plan. While it clearly doesn't have the ingenuity of the Manhattan Project, it certainly shows some critical thinking skills. That's because the folks involved in this plan decided to create a bus costume, strap it on and walk across the bridge.

Technically speaking, it is a vehicle.

But, that would assume all Russians have a sense of humor. Being of that ethnicity myself I could have told you eons ago that we're a cold people but that didn't stop our convenience-minded friends.

Unfortunately for our heroes, they were turned around by a guard working the bridge. We can only hope it was a type of performance art and not to be taken seriously. See for yourself, below!

In an attempt to cross a vehicles-only bridge in Russia, four men turned to a unique disguise: A bus costume.

The men, lined up under the large yellow bus outfit, were spotted walking across the busy Golden Bridge in the Russian city of Vladivostok. However, they didn’t get very far before getting in trouble.

The endeavor was caught on film by a
driver on the bridge, who called the bus costume “beautiful” and “art..."

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