Announced over the summer, the 2019 BMW X5 is an all-new vehicle.

While we're sure many buyers won't catch the subtle changes to its body and interior, we're confident that enthusiasts will note the differences generation-to-generation. We've been eagerly anticipating the arrival of this sport-utility vehicle for BMW and even though the Bavarians delivered something evolutionary rather than revolutionary, I have to admit one thing.

After seeing the all-new X5 in flesh and spending some time with it, there's no question it's another step forward. Rather than an iterative move forward though, we were hoping for a giant leap.

Having had a long day at the office, I was exiting the Lincoln Tunnel and on "the helix," when I spotted it. It was an all-new X5 that had just been delivered.

Painted Phytonic Blue Metallic, it was an M Sport version of the xDrive40i.

That said, how do YOU think it looks on the road? Note its increased presence and size? Compare the all-new X5 to the Escalade in front of it.

SPIED On The STREET! FIRST Deliveries Of The 2019 BMW X5 BEGIN!

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