You know, a funny thing happened on the way home from the office today. As I mentioned on the previous thread, I spotted the all-new, 2019 BMW X5.

While it's not the first time I saw one — I previously visited BMW of Manhattan to behold the 2019 X5 in all of its glory — it did mark the first time I saw one outside of an auto show or on a showroom floor. And, as we always say the setting makes all the difference.

SEE the 2019 BMW X5 on the road for the FIRST time.

Tonight was definitely different. While following the X5, which was lit up, I was able to compare it to other vehicles.

First was the current-gen Cadillac Escalade. The X5 appears larger than the previous generation and has more on-road presence. Second was the last-gen BMW X5. Seeing both of these X5s side-by-side and lit up was a nice coincidence. And, if I am honest, the last-gen X5 looks dated with its L-shaped taillights. The boxier shape of the all-new X5 makes it seem more masculine than what was previously delivered. Lastly, the X5 got right up next to a Tesla Model S. With both vehicles blaring the LED taillights, I noticed something interesting: The X5's all-new taillights that ditch the traditional L-shape look eerily familiar to the Tesla Model S' when lit up at night.

Coincidence? I am not so sure.

What say you, Spies? Has the Tesla effect rubbed off on the all-new X5's design?

Has The TESLA EFFECT Reached All-new BMW Designs? All-new X5 HEARTS Model S?

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