Deciding on a color for your ride is such an emotional ordeal. For me, it's always the hardest decision when I'm car shopping. And many of these colors that the companies use become legendary over time. Speed Yellow, Imola Red, Estoril Blue, Rosso, GT Silver, Nogaro Blue, etc.

One that we helped make pretty famous a few years back was the Anvil color for the 10th Anniversary Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

I like it so much I bought one for myself and lauded praise on it so much THAT ended up being the color that everyone had to have. And it also caused many to copy it on other cars like the Porsche 911, Subaru Crosstrek, Toyota 4Runner, Honda Civic and more.

So for 2019 Jeep has added a new Wrangler color called Bikini Pearl.

And here is the first brochure shot if it courtesy of our friends at Wrangler Forum.

It really has that beach vibe going for it and we're sure among a certain demographic it should be extremely hot.

Hopefully, we get an up close look at a future auto show to see just how dynamic the pearl is in it.