Happy Thanksgiving, Spies!

Today marks a national holiday where folks of all stripes come together, some with family and some with strangers, to reflect and give thanks for a multitude of reasons. While most of us have moved away from being thankful of the harvest, there's plenty of other things to spend time thinking about.

For some it's their significant other.

For some it's their family.

For some it's their job.

For some it's first responders.

For some it's the military and our veterans.

For some it's for V12 engines.

For some it's for turbochargers.

You get the gist.

For us, we're thankful of you. The readers. Thank you. Obviously being an enthusiast-based site, we wouldn't exist without you.

Having said that, we want to hear from YOU which all-new vehicles you're most thankful for in 2018.

Let it fly, Spies!

Happy Thanksgiving, Spies! What All-new Vehicles Are YOU Most Thankful For In 2018?

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