While we do like to count our blessings here and thank our lucky stars at AutoSpies for all of the good things we have come to experience in life, we'd also be remiss if we didn't call out the other side.

You know what they say, "With the good comes the bad."

Although today represents a day of thanks, we also wanted to elevate some of the vehicles that didn't live up to expectations in 2018. Feel free to call out the outright flops too, Spies!

These are the vehicles that are simply poor products, didn't connect with the market, leave you wondering how the automaker is still in business or, for whatever reason, just isn't your cup of tea.

That said, Spies, we want to hear it straight from you: WHICH all-new 2018 vehicles have been the BIGGEST turkeys of 2018?

NAME and SHAME! Which All-new, 2018 Vehicles Have Been The BIGGEST TURKEYS?

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