We're just days away from one of the year's biggest auto shows. While the Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS) has been known for more green-oriented debuts, in recent years it has shifted.

Now, the SoCal show is home to all sorts of reveals.

LA Auto Show Preview

That includes sports cars, massive sport-utility vehicles and even racers. It's become more of a show that embraces all of the types of autos that appeal to the SoCal car scene. Pretty fitting, right?

That said, with the auto show circuit's schedule changing in 2020, it seems like the LA Auto Show may have an opportunity here. Currently, it's — more or less — the last show at the end of the year where automakers use the event to squeeze in debuts before Detroit. With Detroit moving to June it leaves an opportunity for the LA event.

LA could become the mecca for car debuts and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) can be home to the technology reveals. CES has already been growing in the past handful of years with automakers staking bigger claims in Las Vegas.

So, we've got to ask: With NAIAS moving to the summer, is it FINALLY LA's time in the SPOTLIGHT?

LA Auto Show Preview

As NAIAS Moves To Summer, Is It FINALLY The #LAAutoShow's Time In The Spotlight?

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