There's absolutely no question that California has been devastated by its latest series of wildfires.

Hell, talking to my contacts based in the San Francisco Bay Area, they were feeling the impact of the Camp Fire with poor air quality until recently. And then the town of Paradise is far from it today. It has essentially been leveled.

While there's plenty of stories of heartbreak and outright losses, one story has been elevated from the entire situation.

That's the story of Allyn Pierce, the hero nurse who risked his life to ensure patients were evacuated in time. Thankfully, he made it out; however, his Toyota Tundra took a beating. Nicknamed Panda, it looked more like a burnt marshmallow.

After he posted images on social media of his plight, Toyota stepped in and notified him that they would gift him an all-new Tundra after his ordeal. The Japanese manufacturer made good on its word.

Toyota has delivered Pierce an all-new Tundra TRD Pro.

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Toyota Delivers On Its Promise, Allyn Pierce Has An All-new Tundra...

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