Dateline 2018 #LAAutoShow- One of the best things about auto shows that make them still worth attending are the live streaming rumors being peddled by those in the know.

Just go sit at a bar, get your favorite beverage and sit back and listen.

Obviously today with all the layoff announcements the focus in the media is there. But when you listen to people who have access to WikiLeaks style info, the GM execs are panic mode and losing sleep over the new 2019 Pickup Truck line.

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Why, you ask? The new face is very polarizing (I personally don't mind it when I look at it straight on) and dealer feedback from customers is very negative. But more importantly, what's really hurting these trucks in the sales dept is the COMPLETELY UNINSPIRED interior compared to the competition. Then complicate the situation further by FCA bringing out what many are calling the nicest luxury truck interior in the biz on the 2019 RAM.

So the gem we overheard last night was that GM execs have enacted an emergency program to FIX THIS SH_T. And fix it FAST!

You all know what a big truck fan I am and as we speak I'm in the market for my next one. The leading candidate right now? Even after testing the RAM, probably an F-150 King Ranch 4x4 157".

I tested the 2019 RAM Limited and Longhorn today. Lots of changes and I really wanted to fall in love with it. Drove great, but the exterior didn't exude toughness/worker and had a city slicker boy image to me. Also, the interior was a little too Wayne Newton/Vegas for me. Thought I would dig the huge center console screen but the interface was just uConnect evolved and stretched. And their active cruise with stop/go is not as sophisticated as F-150. And FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HOW could you not have massaging seats as an option like on the F-150?! But already, a $64k RAM truck street selling price is in the high forties, which makes it very tempting, compared to high $50's for the competing F-150. But there is NO doubt if the competition was between RAM, Chevy, GM, Toyota and Nissan, the RAM beats them on ALL counts. 2nd place isn't something to be ashamed of.

But back to GM...They USED to make the second best pickup. Now it's F-150, RAM then GM in a DISTANT 3rd place.

HOW could they let that happen? How BRAIN DEAD are their execs? DEAR GM...THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCT YOU MAKE! How could you see what's going on around you and what's happening in the marketplace and have let such a LAZY, UNINSPIRED, block of MEDIOCRITY? If I had any connection or skin in the game with GM I would be incredibly worried about the people running the ship. If they know so little about the importance of making the pickup truck line the best thing they make what OTHER decisions are the getting wrong?

When I was at the launch all I could think was WHAT A HUGE MISSED OPPORTUNITY.

So Spies, chime in and let the folks at the General where they are going wrong on their trucks...I'll get the ball rolling...what were you thinking GM not offering active cruise as an option? HELLO!

Spies, discuss...

Keeping checking back often as we are in LA all this week bringing you the best coverage of the #LAAutoShow

2018 LA Auto Show Photo Gallery

#LAAutoShow RUMOR: GM Internally In 'PANIC MODE' Over 2019 Pickup Trucks

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