OK. I want you to imagine something.

Picture the BMW i3. OK. Now, stretch it out a bit. Give it the cliché "floating roof" treatment. Think of squinty headlights. Imagine a more old-school BMW kidney grille that's vertically inclined rather than horizontal. Lastly, construct a more modern take on the current-generation i3's interior.

Los Angeles Auto Show

Voila! You're presented with the BMW Vision iNext Concept.

BMW isn't too keen on wasting time with concept vehicles. Over the years I've seen the marque incorporate something from every single one of its show cars into production vehicles. Some, it heavily influences the production variant. Others, you see bits and pieces.

While I can't say with certainty what BMW plans to do with this Vision iNext concept, I can surmise one thing. If it were in production spec today, I feel pretty confident that it would slot in above the i3 with its larger cabin and footprint.

Pure speculation here but this could be the next-gen i5.

One thing I am left wondering after learning it will supposedly get 400+ miles on a charge: Is THIS enough to combat whatever Tesla has up its sleeve next?

Say what you will but Tesla is running the EV game right now and no automaker is even close.

Los Angeles Auto Show

#LAAutoShow: If THIS Is The Upcoming BMW i5, Is It Going To Get SMASHED By Anything That TESLA Is Working On?

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