Not everyone is a fan of the looks on the limited-run Nissan GT-R50 by Italian design company Italdesign, whose name sums its purpose up well. But if you are a fan and you’ve got a spare $1.1 million or so to drop on it, the order books are now open. There are only 50 slots, so move on it now.

We’ve known the price tag and details on the GT-R50 for months, but Nissan announced Friday that the final production design is settled and ordering is open. If you didn’t like the design and hoped the companies would cave between its debut and the car going on sale, that’s too bad. Nissan said Friday that the car’s exterior is “virtually unchanged from the prototype first shown in July.”

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Nissan Finalizes $1.1 Million  Italdesign GT-R50 - Opens Order Books

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