The obsession with classic vehicles seems to be at an all-time fever pitch. Now, more than ever before, buyers are flocking to older vehicles.

It sort of runs in line with the schism happening in the automotive community: Either you have something sporty or you have something with utility (e.g., a sport-utility vehicle or a truck). If you can accommodate both, many folks choose to add a classic ride to their fleet.

Noticing this trend, it got us thinking a bit.

IF you were to add a classic ride to your collection, would you go American or would you add something of the European persuasion? THINK: A 1969 Chevrolet Camaro or a Dodge Power Wagon. Or, a BMW 3.0 CS or a Volkswagen Bus.

So, what say you, Spies? IF you were to add a classic vehicle, would you go American or European? Let's hear it!

IF You Were Going To Go CLASSIC, Would It Be An American Or European Vehicle?

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