When I first saw the debut of the Genesis G90, I was impressed. It had a certain look to it that reminded me of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It had a stately exterior and its interior was super high quality.

When it first made its debut, there's no question I would have purchased that over the then current-gen Lexus LS. It beat the Lexus by every benchmark.

Genesis G90 Refresh

But, some detractors thought otherwise. Not that it wasn't a great product that was packaged and priced right. The complaint was that its styling looked too staid.

Well, that feeling must've made its way back to Korea.

Recently, the updated G90 debuted and it's leveraging a lot of different styling cues. Take, for example, its all-new front grille that forms a V shape, the all-new headlights and the full width taillights.

It all comes together in a peculiar fashion and leaves me wondering: Has Genesis officially LOST its way purely from a DESIGN perspective? What say you, Spies?

Genesis G90 Refresh

Has Genesis LOST Its Way From A DESIGN Perspective? All-new G90 Defines New Look For The Brand...

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