The 2019 BMW Z4 is a nice car inside and out that drives well, and surely that sort of thing is worth quite a bit to some. But is it worth more than $5,000 more than a BMW M2? Because the Z4 is going to cost $64,695, if leaked documents on a Toyota Supra forum are to be believed.

The docs, posted on the Supra Mk V forums by user Bryster (via Carscoops), purport to detail the entire options list, along with the US-market 382-horsepower engine.
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For a little context, $64,695 splits the difference between the Porsche Boxster (about $60,000) and the Porsche Boxster S (about $71,000).

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HIT OR MISS? Rumor Has It Entry Level Pricing Of New Z4 Is A Lofty $64,695

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