...When the test period for a preproduction vehicle is done, manufacturers are supposed to scrap these cars so that they don't get into the hands of the public, since the government didn't technically approve them for sale. Volkswagen, it would seem, never heard about that last part, according to a report by the German newspaper Handelsblatt.

Volkswagen managed to sell 6,700 preproduction or test vehicles to consumers between 2006 and 2018, the bulk of which were in Germany. Volkswagen representatives confirmed this to Roadshow, also adding that the company recalled 252 such vehicles in the US back in May. These included 2012-2016 Eos, 2012 Passat, 2012-2016 CC, 2015 e-Golf, 2011-2015 Touareg, 2012-2015 Tiguan, and 2011-2016 Golf and 2011-2013 GTI models according to NHTSA...

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REALLY!? Volkswagen Caught In Yet ANOTHER Scandal! Over 6,000 Pre-production Vehicles Sold ILLEGALLY...

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