About a month ago, I took delivery of an all-new Honda Accord Hybrid for testing purposes.

Over the past several months I've been very keen on the Honda Accord.

Simply put, I just think it's absolutely brilliant.

But just like every other vehicle on the road today, the price has increased over the years. You can certainly pick up a very nicely equipped Accord for $28,000-30,000 USD. For a comparably equipped BMW 330i, however, you're talking about, give or take, $45,000.

This is a significant premium when you really start evaluating the 3-Series. The Accord is much roomier, rides quite nice and has equally nice materials on the inside. The Bavarian will have better driving dynamics but it's not a profound difference unless you're comparing both, side-by-side, on a track.

After driving the Accord Hybrid for a week, I chalked up 41 mpg without even trying. I had a good time commuting to and from my Manhattan office in comfort and, frankly, there wasn't any reason to yearn for having a "more luxurious" German vehicle in my possession. Sure, the Accord Hybrid I was driving was on the pricier side, around the mid $30,000s, but there's no doubt in my mind that if I were looking for a daily driver I wouldn't even bother with the Germans automakers.

I just don't think their products have the juice anymore.

Having said that, I wanted to see if I was off base, Spies. So, what say you? Do YOU think that German vehicles are WORTH the premium anymore?

Are German Vehicles WORTH The Premium Anymore?

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