It was only weeks ago that the all-new Porsche 911 (992) made its debut at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS). Although much of it was already seen previously, it was a bit of an occasion.

Simply put, it's not everyday that you see the launch of Porsche's iconic sports car.

Given that its following are hellbent on purity, any change can set off Porschephiles. The all-new 992 is no exception. That's because it's a BIG move in a new direction. While many will bitch, moan and complain that it looks the same, it really isn't.

Its exterior design is littered with a slew of modern tweaks. The interior is fully revamped and brings forward a more digitally relevant design. And, as revealed in Autocar's first ridealong, there was a philosophical change with the all-new 992. These are all important details for a sports car that is well regarded by enthusiasts and the average consumer alike.

Having said that, we wanted to give you a little color on what Autocar experienced. For the FULL details, click the link below to read its story about the first ridealong with the all-new 911.

Excerpts from Autocar's first ride, below:

...That balance between luxury and old-school sports car is key to the development of the new 911. “We wanted to make it sportier, but also more usable in day-to-day life,” said Steiner.

To achieve that, the 911 features a whole host of new digital and driver assistance systems, which are tuned to widen its performance window, from driver-focused performance at one extreme, to cruising comfort at the other...

...That impression is of a car that is at once a step forward, while also remaining reassuringly familiar. There’s an added sheen of comfort with the development of the touchscreens and displays in the interior, and with the addition of new driver assistance systems...

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A Ride In The All-new Porsche 911 (992) — Just HOW Much Of A Departure Is It?

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