For eons, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class — or G-Wagen — has been the go-to choice for the C-suite, athletes and celebrities. There's a few reasons for this: It makes a statement, it has a very "bank vault" like feel and it has outstanding off-road capability.

Even if it never really saw a day off the tarmac.

People love something unique, even when it becomes a relatively commonplace staple. But, for 2019, we're seeing an all-new G-Class. Although many will not be able to distinguish the all-new G from the pre-refresh vehicle, a few keen observers will find the new details on the exterior.

On the inside? Well, it's a completely different auto, so, it won't take an expert to be able to track those changes.

That said, Doug DeMuro recently got to spend some time with an all-new G thanks to one of the biggest Mercedes dealers in the world, Fletcher Jones. Having visited that dealer with Agent 001, I can tell you first hand it is a total show, top to bottom. It's unlike any other dealer I've seen.

In his review, DeMuro notes that he thinks the 2019 G is BETTER than the flagship Range Rover. As DeMuro is a Rover owner a couple times over, this is a bold statement. So, we've got to ask: Is the G-Wagen the SUV to have? Is it better than the flagship Range Rover? What say you, Spies?

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class is the coolest new SUV on the market. Today I'm reviewing a 2019 Mercedes G550 to show you why the new 2019 G-Wagen is so cool -- and why the new G-Wagen is the coolest new SUV.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Is The All-new Mercedes-Benz G-Class THE SUV To Have? Better Than The Flagship Range Rover?

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