It was only so many years ago when Bentley rolled out the VW-based Continental GT. Although some pointed out its chassis was shared by the Volkswagen Phaeton, it didn't matter to those with some jingle to spill.

Buyers flocked to the Continental GT in droves.

Soon, the marque that was known for repurposing vehicles like the Silver Spur and turning it into the Turbo R was hotter than ever. Buyers of all walks of life flocked to the flying "B."

The momentum continued as Bentley revealed different variants, such as the Flying Spur, Continental GTC, Speed, Supersports, etc. The list goes on.

But after a certain point, it's become clear that Bentley cooled off. This isn't a huge surprise given that the automotive market is cyclical. What's hot today will not necessarily be hot tomorrow.

Then the Bentayga rolled out. The Mulsanne was refreshed and got uglier. And, now the all-new Continental GT is here with a rather peculiar "face."

The juice that once was at Bentley seems to have disappeared. So, we've go to ask, Spies: HOW did Bentley once win over droves of buyers and NOW it's back to being stale as it was before?

HOW Did Bentley Win Over The New Wannabes And Has Now Gone Back To Being An Old Man Car SO FAST?

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