Well, Spies, it's another one down in the history books. And after the beating the markets took this week, I am just glad that I can wake up tomorrow and my equities will not be down another day.

As it's our job to help you transition from work mode to something more along the lines of rest and relaxation, we decided it'd be better to have a bit of fun heading into the long, Christmas holiday weekend. Let's fantasize.

In true AutoSpies fashion though, we wanted to do it BIG.

Simply put, there's no other auto manufacturer that does it quite like Rolls-Royce. If there's one word that would define the marque it would be "decadence." What better automaker for the biggest holiday of the year?

While I noted, last night, that Bentley is on the downswing, there's no question that Rolls is on the upswing. People are rushing to buy Rollers like they're going out of style. From the Ghost to the Dawn to the Wraith to the all-new Phantom, Rolls has been having consecutive record years.

So, I've got to ask: IF you were going to buy a Rolls-Royce, WHICH model would you be adding to your rather large garage?

FANTASY Friday! IF You Were Going To Go BIG And Buy A Rolls-Royce, WHICH Model Would YOU Put In Your Garage?

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