If all you care about is pure, unadulterated speed, you probably should just go buy a Porsche 911 Turbo or a Tesla and keep it in Ludicrous Mode. But, if you're looking for something more visceral then those two options just won't do.

Don't get me wrong, I love modern vehicles but there's something to be said for those of the analog variety.

You know, the ones you have to know how to drive. You have to know how to use a third pedal. You feel everything working. Those kind of cars.

In its latest video, Petrolicious brings us around — again — Jasbir Dhillon. Although the series already did a feature on his Jaguar XJR-15, this time we're seeing a different analog supercar. That would be one of the most famous ones of all, the Ferrari F40.

In a truly touching video, see why the F40 — and autos, in general — mean so much to Dhillon.

Very few car videos and owners are this great, Spies. Enjoy it.

The F40 ranks among the most recognizable and beloved road cars ever produced, and so there is very little new left to say about the machine itself—we all know that it is a potent performer, a spartan go-kart powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 nestled up between tires of construction site proportions. But cars that attain levels of popularity like the F40 has don’t become any less special the more we fantasize about them, and though the spec sheet might be committed to the memories of many a supercar enthusiast, each example has its own story. In the case of Jasbir Dhillon, this F40 is woven into the fabric of his life beyond the excitement that it provides to the lucky soul in the driver’s seat. It’s a means to bond with his family, a link to his childhood and his past, and as something well beyond the definition of an inanimate object, it’s a piece of his being that he has plans to hold onto well into the future.

VIDEO: Revisiting One Of The Analog Supercar Greats, The Ferrari F40, With An Equally Great Owner...

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