Tonight I was on my way to pick up a dear friend at the airport. While driving on the New Jersey Turnpike I came side-by-side with a slightly modified Subaru Crosstrek.

Although I am a small fan of Subaru products, this vehicle never really caught my eye. This particular one though made me realize "Hey, it's a pretty cool vehicle for what it is." Clearly, I am not alone in the New York Tri-state region as Crosstreks are pretty popular in these parts.

That got me thinking: What would be the best competitor for this vehicle?

To me, it seems that the best competitor for this rugged-ish SUV would be the Jeep Cherokee. Both are quirky, both have a rugged vibe, they are similar in size and they're close in price.

So, I've got to ask: IF you were to choose between one or the other, WHICH SUV would get your vote?

What's it gonna be, Spies? The Cherokee or the Crosstrek?

CAR WARS! In A Head-to-Head Of RUGGED-ish SUVs, WHICH Gets YOUR Vote? Cherokee Vs. Crosstrek...

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