If you've been following us here at AutoSpies, then you probably would know a couple of things by now.

First, we just don't think that the traditional automakers really understand the electric vehicle market. That comes from a variety of different data points but you have to look no further than the Jaguar I-Pace, all-new Audi e-tron SUV and Mercedes-Benz EQC to see why.

Second, although our critics will say we're Tesla fanboys, one thing is clear as day unless you have blinders on: Tesla owns the luxury EV market. No one is even close right now. Although there may be serious quality issues with its vehicles, the lust and loyalty is unparalleled right now.

Next up, the Porsche Taycan.

At this stage it's too early to tell whether or not it's going to get smacked out of the park but here's something that our friend Alex Roy found out today when he inquired about the all-new Taycan. Apparently, the flagship trim will be known as the Taycan Turbo.


Mind you this EV will not feature turbos in any capacity.

That said, I've got to ask: Is this yet ANOTHER sign that traditional automakers do not understand EVs or the typical buyer?

Is Porsche Naming Its Flagship Taycan

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