As I've said before, there's no better place to own a vehicle than southern California. The climate is just right.

And while I am in New Jersey having to worry about swapping from performance tires to snows, and trying my best to avoid salt, these are things that don't enter the California driver's mind. Perhaps I need to make a change.

2018 San Diego Auto Show

That said, while the San Diego Auto Show is a regional affair primarily backed by the dealers, we think it's an important show to scope out. That's because it's always interesting to see how dealers are trying to engage customers. Also, theoretically, they know the consumer better than the manufacturers who rely on research.

That's because the dealers know exactly what's selling and what's dead in the water.

In addition, the San Diego Auto Show also typically ensures there's an interesting arrangement of vintage autos for visitors to peruse. To give you just a taste of the last auto show of the year, I've hand picked some of the shots I liked most.

I'll be following up with more event-specific posts over the next 48 hours. Stay tuned, Spies!

2018 San Diego Auto Show

#SDAutoShow: The LAST Auto Show Of The Year Brings The HEAT In SoCal — WHICH Is Your Top Pick?

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