It's become pretty common knowledge that the 2019 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) is going to be a shadow of its former self. Years ago, Agent 001 called it.

But before the big event shifts to a summer date, one more bitterly cold January show must go on. Although many automakers pulled out, the critical ones remain.

That includes the Detroit Three.

While we're excited to see the entirety of what Ford's bringing to the table, the company has made it clear that it will be showing the all-new, 2020 Explorer for the first time. While we'd advise you keep your browsers locked to on January 9, we want you to get a good idea of what's coming down the 'pike.

This is why we're elevating to you some all-new spy shots featuring the all-new Explorer undergoing research and development testing. The camouflage is extremely light and it's pretty clear how it will look from the outside.

We're especially looking forward to seeing its interior, which is expected to get a major revamp. When looking at the current-gen Explorer, it's clear as day that it needs to be brought into the now from its mid 2000s-era design.

Check out the BEST 2020 Explorer spy shots by clicking the link below!

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SPIED: Before Its #NAIAS Debut, The All-new 2020 Ford Explorer Gets EXPOSED In These Killer Spy Shots

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