Recently, it seems that there's been a lot of interest from all types of automakers to move away from the traditional key. In the age of smart phones, watches and other devices, it almost seems super archaic.

Well, that's because it is.

Hyundai has a different solution. That's because the company is rolling out fingerprint technology, in the Chinese market, with its 2019 Santa Fe. Forget about keys or key fobs.

The good news is that you can personalize your vehicle's settings to your print. That means much like key fobs, the vehicle will be set just for you upon entry and exit.

According to Hyundai, you will require a fingerprint at the door handle and for the push-button start.

If you're concerned about someone faking your fingerprint — I am not sure why this is such a hot-button concern given that each print is unique — Hyundai's thought about that. I don't quite understand how it works but Hyundai has a way of measuring capacitance against the print to verify you

Clearly, I am not scientifically inclined.

What say you, Spies? Are YOU ready to give up your keys and move onto your fingerprint?

...Hyundai announced this week that it will install its first fingerprint-based vehicle technology in the 2019 Santa Fe SUV. The system will comprise two separate fingerprint sensors -- one on the door handle, and one on the ignition button. A driver will have to pass both scanners to enter and start the vehicle, but it's not like it takes any extra steps, since drivers would still have to grab door handles and push start buttons with a traditional fob.

Some vehicles allow different key fobs to carry different settings, whether it's seat position, radio favorites or climate control temperature. Hyundai's fingerprint system offers the same level of personalization, but instead of being linked to a fob, it's linked to the driver's fingerprint. You may grab the wrong remote by accident, but you're not going to grab the wrong fingerprint...

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#CES: Hyundai Debuts All-new Fingerprint Tech In Its 2019 Santa Fe — Ready To Give Up Your Keys?

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