We're living in an all-new age, Spies. By and large, automobiles have changed from simple pieces of engineering that you drove into the ground to ultra complex pieces of technology that you dump after a couple year's worth of use.

The whole relationship between buyers and autos has changed. In addition to that, consumer expectations have transformed.

Today, vehicles have largely become more comfortable, more isolated and less about supreme driving dynamics. If you want that, there's a niche market that provides buyers that if they're willing to pony up the cash.

THINK: If you test drive, back-to-back, a BMW, a Lexus and a Mercedes are you really going to wind up with drastically different driving experiences? Not really. The gaps that were once massive are now tight. Subjectivity in terms of design, technology and pricing close deals.

This leads us to an all-new question that must be asked of vehicles that have essentially become two ton pieces of disposable technology. Will the automaker who designs the BEST in-car interface and technology be the eventual winner in this all-new automotive market?

What say you, Spies?

#CES: Do YOU Agree? The Automaker Who Designs The BEST In-car Interface And Tech Will Be The WINNER?

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