In the world of exotic supercars, one is getting a lot of attention these days. That would be the all-new McLaren Senna.

Its looks have been immensely controversial since it was revealed to the public. Intended for track duty, it looks the part. Some folks love that about its no nonsense approach and others hate it.

Personally, I am torn. I appreciate the engineering behind the Senna but, boy, sometimes form does matter. Make mine a 720S, please.

While there's been some rumors about a particular YouTuber's Senna burning, it's now official. Salomondrin's — real name Alejandro Salomon — Senna went up in smoke on December 30. In the video below, he details his experience of riding with his wife sitting shotgun when the Senna started spitting flames. After finding a spot to pull over, well, you guessed it: The fire engulfs the vehicle and the rest is history.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

As of now there's two rumors: First, Salomon may open a lawsuit against McLaren. Second, McLaren may be considering a recall of all Senna vehicles.

**NOTE: NSFW language used throughout this clip.

VIDEO: THIS Is What It Looks Like When A McLaren Senna BURNS To The Ground

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