When it comes to dangerous cities, Detroit is right up there with the best of them. If you're not particularly careful, you can wind up in a heap of trouble, fast.

And that's just what happened to The Grand Tour's Jeremy Clarkson back in 1997.

20 plus years ago, he ventured to an abandoned train station while doing some filming. Although the authorities had warned Clarkson and company about gang factions who were currently having turf wars in the station, they entered any way.

The rest is history.

Although the specific train station is not named, we're wagering it was the famous Michigan Central Station. You know, the same massive rail station that Ford purchased and is in the process of turning into an innovation campus.

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...He said: “Somebody held a gun against my head in Detroit. It’s a long, complicated story but we were trying to do some filming and some people thought we were trespassing on their turf.

“It was pretty nasty. And this time, 100 yards from where that happened, I was having dumplings in a goose broth..."

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#NAIAS: A VERY Real Side Of Detroit, The Grand Tour's Jeremy Clarkson Recounts Getting Held Up At Gun Point

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