I sound like a broken record at this point.

Yes, Spies, that's right. There's been a release of even MORE images of the all-new, fifth-generation Toyota Supra. And this time, you're getting a proper look at the production interior.

CES Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

In addition, there's a pretty snappy silver Supra that I have to admit looks way better than the red car we've been accustomed to seeing at this stage.

On the inside, which has yet to be seen until today, you'll note there's a lot of BMW switchgear. This isn't too much of a surprise as the spy shots showed many of these bits previously. It's just an awful lot of BMW inside this Toyota.

Is this a bit weird considering it's somewhat of a legacy model for Toyota?

I'll let the Spies pick apart the pieces that are directly lifted from BMW, but it's patently obvious.

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CES Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

#NAIAS: Even MORE Toyota Supra Images Leak! Get A FIRST Look At Its INTERIOR...

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