It's funny.

Whenever the automotive media says something, typically you can rest assured knowing that the complete opposite of what's being said or written is true. At the end of the day, the media — at large — simply doesn't have its finger on the pulse of the buying public or their head is lodged so far up an automaker's ass it doesn't even register what a normal customer would think.

My personal favorite is when their esoteric taste doesn't align with reality. About 95 percent of the automotive journalists in the world would be happy if every vehicle offered was a wagon/shooting brake and painted brown.

So, you know it's bad when the Cadillac XT6 has such a poor reveal that even a buff book pundit says it's dead on arrival. This is further substantiated by your reactions on every XT6 story since its coming out party. Or the reaction of anyone with 20/20 vision. On Sunday I could hear the collective "Ugh" from here in New Jersey.

When comparing the all-new XT6 to the Lincoln Aviator, it's not even close. I am pretty sure even employees of General Motors would spring for the Aviator. Having said that, I have to ask: Now what?

Does Cadillac go back to the drawing board? Push ahead with the XT6's launch and see what consumers think of it (e.g., incentivize the hell out of it to get it moved off lots)? What say you, Spies?

...On Sunday, Cadillac introduced the XT6 in Detroit and it didn't take long for automotive media to start comparing it with competitive vehicles. As with the smaller XT4, it looks like Cadillac has missed again...

...From the photos, the XT6's interior looks well executed, but it doesn't have that custom-made look like the one in the Lincoln Aviator.

After seeing the XT6, Motor Trend's Jonny Lieberman wrote: "I'm worried about Cadillac. Not only is the design of the new XT6 nowhere near as good as the Escalade or the soon to be killed off CT6, it's positively fuddy duddy compared to its crosstown rival, the new Lincoln Aviator." Lieberman also points out the XT6 doesn't offer a hybrid and Cadillac's impressive Super Cruise system is not (yet?) available...

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#NAIAS: The Cadillac XT6 WHIFFS So Bad That Even The Buff Books Smell The Stench — Now What?

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