Although it's hardly going to be thought as a cutting edge vehicle for its design, the Porsche 911 is a sports car worth having. Simply put, it delivers on all fronts.

It can be comfortable, it can hall four if the two in the back don't have legs and it always has been a driver's car that can put a smile on your face.

Piloting one has always been an experience.

So, what's the all-new, 2020 Porsche 911 (992) like? Time to find out. The boys and girls over at CAR magazine across the pond had a crack at the all-new Carrera S and weighed in to give us its thoughts on the end result.

Below is the verdict. Click the link below to read the full first impression

New Porsche 911 (992): verdict

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Porsche’s 911 is that so few choose to directly challenge it. Who doesn’t want a pretty, fairly practical £95k coupe able to be pretty much anything you’d like it to be; feel good daily, track tool, special GT or an enviably bold family car set to become part of the family? All but unchallenged, Porsche could have phoned-in the 992.

But spend a few days digging into the substance beneath the 992’s admittedly familiar surface and you appreciate the effort that’s gone into every detail of the thing, from the more responsive turbos’ cleaner plumbing to the stunning cockpit’s design and materials splendour. And while modernity’s arrived in the form of keyless go, the new displays, particulate filters and an ‘uncrashable’ Wet mode, the sports car within survives intact.

The 992 isn’t flawless, and there’s plenty of scope for further development in any number of directions, from Turbo to GT3. But this 911 in Carrera S form is superb. A wickedly capable and rewarding driving tool, convincingly versatile like few rival sports cars and painfully desirable, it’s a masterful reinvention of a timeless concept. Furious at five stars across the board (or scores of at least 80% in each area, which the car surely deserves)? Don’t be. Drive it. 

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