Subaru of America, Inc. reported record-breaking sales of 680,135 vehicles for the 2018 calendar year; an increase of 5 percent over the previous annual record of 647,956 vehicles set in 2017. This marks the tenth consecutive year of record sales for Subaru of America and eleventh consecutive year of sales increases.


Yet to us...PUZZLING to say the least.

Now don't get us wrong, we're not Subie haters. In fact, I go all the way back to 1979 when I was holding onto the rear bumper of my University of Colorado Football Teammate's BRAT and sliding around icy parking lots in Boulder for fun.

And we've always been impressed with their AWD performance. For the record at their price NO ONE beats it in ice and snow.

So we're not surprised they sell. But we ARE surprised with the amount of competition out there that they sell as well as they do.

Let's face it...

Are they the best looking cars for the money? No. Actually, to our eye the Crosstrek is the only model that is actually good looking.

Do they have the best tech? Well, only if you consider twenty year old tech the best.

Do they get amazing mileage for their size compared to the others. HELL NO. For their size, it's actually quite disappointing.

Are their interiors best of breed? All we can say is the 80's Corolla look wasn't even good in the 80's.

Are they the MOST reliable in their class. No, but they are pretty damn close there.

So what on earth is it that make so many people still buy them and why they still keep breaking records?

This may end up being a question for the philosophers.

Spies, discuss...

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Subaru Sets 10 Year Sales Record. Congratulations. But We Ask You The Car Experts. WHY?

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