A new fashion and lifestyle wave is gripping SoCal and many other parts of the nation. You see it all over the coast in CA.

No it's not a new bikini or a new recreational drug.

Although if you have observed what we have over the past couple years it kind of has a drug like effect on those it infects.

It's the HONEY, lets sell everything and live out of a VAN down by the RIVER. Sorry, in our case, OCEAN.

You pull into an oceanfront parking lot in the AM and you see the people who own them living the life that seems to be a dream.

But is it all it's cracked up to be?

For everyone I would imagine it's different but this couple from Canada shares their the read article link for the full story.

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Have YOU Been Bitten Yet By The Living In A Van Down By The RIVER Craze Yet? Read This FIRST!

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