When the Bentley Continental GT made its mid 2000s debut, it was really something. Sure, it was a chassis based on the Volkswagen Phaeton, but who really cared?

The Phaeton was an engineering masterpiece.

For the long-awaited second-gen Continental GT, the old dog hasn't learned new tricks. Dipping back into the Volkswagen Auto Group's parts bin, it now leverages a lot of the Porsche Panamera. But how does that translate into a long-distance, grand tourer?

Leave it to Carfection's Heny Catchpole to find out.

Check out the video review, below, and let us know if your interest in the all-new Continental GT has INCREASED or DECREASED after hearing the good, the bad and the down low about the latest Bentley.

Henry Catchpole reviews the new Bentley Continental GT on the roads of Scotland. In a desperate attempt to justify the journey up Henry comes up with some totally non tenuous connection between that country and the car.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: So, Does The All-new Bentley Continental GT RETAKE The Grand Touring Crown? We Find Out...

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