When it comes to sports cars, it's hard to argue that anyone does it better than Porsche with the legendary 911. As it's been incrementally improved over the course of more than 55 years, the boys and girls from Stuttgart have bottled up some magic.

And an all-new generation Porsche 911 is here.

Dubbed the 992 it follows up on the 991, which was already a significant step forward, in terms of adding more luxury and comfort to the 911's profile. From the sounds of it, this only increases in the 992.

Could that be a bad thing though? Or, is it welcomed with arms wide open?

The folks at Autocar recently spent time with the all-new 992 and weighed in with a video review. Let us help bring it to life for you, Spies. Then let us know if the all-new Porsche 911 is sounding up your alley.

The new Porsche 911 is here. The 992 is the eighth-generation of Porsche's iconic sports car and replaces the 991 model.

At launch, and so tested here by Prior, it's only available in 444bhp (450hp) Carrera S form, but in both two and four wheel drive, both versions of which now have the same body width. It's fitted with an eight-speed PDK twin clutch gearbox - a manual will be offered later - and stretches towards £100,000 in the UK.

That'll pitch it against some interesting rivals; probably everything from a Jaguar F-Type through a Mercedes-AMG GT to the likes of the Audi R8 and, in the faster 911 forms yet to come, the likes of the Aston Martin Vantage and McLaren 570S.

But what's it like right now? We take to the track at Valencia and the roads surrounding it to find out.

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