If you ever wanted a case study of how not to advertise, then the folks over at General Motors would probably take the first place prize in what NOT to do.

Previously, we've seen GM compare its normal vehicles to luxury autos. The end result? No one believed them. In its latest campaign, it seems that its Chevrolet division is claiming that its vehicles are more reliable that Toyota, Honda and Ford.

The problem? The data is coming from an Ipsos survey from 2015 and 48,000 responses from over 840,000 letters Chevrolet sent to owners. If you were to check Consumer Reports, it would contradict Chevrolet's findings.

Having said that, we think this all-new clip may provide a better real-life look at Chevrolet's "real people" commercials.

NOTE: Some of the language in the clip is NSFW.

Well Chevy finally did it. They made up an award and gave it to themselves. The circle is complete. Chevrolet made the claim that their cars are “more reliable” than Honda, Toyota, and Ford. Rumor is Chevy pulled the ad after Toyota called them out, but the truth is Mahk might have been the real reason the commercial was taken down....

VIDEO: Is THIS A Real-life Look At Chevrolet's

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