So, I'll be the first to admit it: 2018 was a wild year.

Some things are just hard to believe and, frankly, took a bit for me to digest. It turns out that the start of 2019 is also going to keep with that trend. That's because something truly baffling has happened.

One of the buff books decided to hand out a design award. And, get this. It went to the all-new BMW 8-Series.

[Insert scratching record sound here]

This is the same vehicle that boasts the same greenhouse as the current-gen Ford Mustang except it will cost buyers six figures. This is the same 8-Series that has, quite possibly, one of the ugliest interiors since the first-generation Aston Martin Vanquish. This is the same vehicle that doesn't have any more presence than a 6-Series.

So, what gives? How can Automobile Magazine name the M850i as its design choice of the year? Is the benchmark that low or do they need to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor, stat?

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Say WHAT? Buff Book Picks The All-new BMW M850i As The DESIGN Of The YEAR?! And They're NOT Kidding!

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