I'll tell you, it's been an interesting 24 months. The automotive landscape continues to evolve, and twist and turn. It's been a wild ride, really.

And Tesla is still in business. Funny enough, it seems to be a lightning rod for debate — always heated.

Around here it seems that there's a sentiment that the Tesla Model 3 is NOT a luxury automobile. Even though it looks the part on the inside and out, and boasts the features of a luxury automobile. People are screaming from the rooftops in every thread that it should not be considered a luxury vehicle.

This makes me laugh. Because if that's the case there's absolutely NO way you can consider vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class or even the BMW 3-Series a luxury product then.

This is where things get muddy though. Because, of course, there are badge snobs in the world.

So, Spies, we've got to ask: IF the Model 3 isn't a luxury product, then the CLA, 3-Series, et al. aren't either, right?

What say you?

Diehards Are SCREAMING That The Tesla Model 3 ISN'T Luxury — We Get It. But, If TRUE, Then Cars Like The 3-Series And CLA Aren't Either, Right?

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