Welp, here we go, Spies.

Although there's a tremendous amount of Tesla Derangement Syndrome — a term coined by our very own Agent 001 — right here on AutoSpies, I think it's as clear as day where Mercedes-Benz is getting inspiration for its next-gen S-Class.

If you're that hard headed not to see what's going on, there's no hope for you. Pack it in and go to bed.

Having said that, the latest spy shots of the all-new S-Class show the interior for the first time. As expected, everything is camouflaged.

Well, except for the steering wheel, the instrument panel, which uses a 12-inch carryover screen, and then there's a truly massive square screen that serves as the center stack. The only other vehicles we've seen with anything close to this is the Model S and Model 3. The Germans have anchored what appears to be a 15 or 17-inch touchscreen at the center of the vehicle. At the bottom of the screen are switches for what we assume to be normal center stack functions (HVAC, Radio, Media, etc.). At this point we cannot be sure though because the image isn't that up close and personal.

As this is a first impression, we've got to ask: Are YOU happy with where Mercedes is taking the upcoming S-Class or is this already leaving a BAD taste in your mouth?

What say you, Spies?

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SPIED: The Latest Spy Shots Of The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Shows A LOT Of SCREEN Going On...

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