Let the M fest begin, Spies. Although we're waiting on the next-gen 4-Series to make its very first appearance, the Bavarians are not wasting any time getting the all-new M3 into development.

In the latest series of spy shots, the all-new BMW M3 is seen undergoing testing in what appears to be a rather industrial section of town where fresh snow has fallen.

While it may not be that clear from the front angles due to the blue and white's heavy camouflage, it's as clear as day once you see the snaps of this vehicle from the side and back. It's quite low, the large wheel and tire package fills the gaps, the big brake kit is apparent, the quad tipped exhaust means business and the fender flares are there.

Although the camouflage makes it difficult to see, if you look close it's very clear this vehicle has a wider track front and rear. This isn't a huge surprise as this is the M way, folks.

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SPIED: All-new Spy Shots Of The Next-gen BMW M3 — LOW, WIDE And QUAD Tipped

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