One vehicle that has taken the enthusiast community by storm is the all-new McLaren Senna. While its controversial function over form design certainly has been getting a lot of attention, it's also been known to spontaneously combust.

As you'd imagine, that's managed to be a focus as of late.

Something more people should be paying attention to, however, is the launch of the McLaren 600LT. Much like the 675LT it brings forth a more hardcore Macca and it shoots flames from its exhaust ports.

What makes this vehicle interesting is, well, largely nothing. The turbocharged V8 still sounds rubbish but there's something to behold. Top Gear's Chris Harris recently hopped behind the wheel of the 600LT and drew an interesting conclusion: It's actually the one he'd have as opposed to the Senna everyone's lusting after.

Learn why, below.

Brave pills at the ready as Chris Harris drives 570S’s harder, sharper, faster cousin at the world’s least forgiving circuit… in the wet. Ladies and gents, this is the McLaren 600LT. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Top Gear's Chris Harris WRINGS Out The All-new McLaren 600LT And Comes To A SURPRISING Conclusion...

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