Our friend, Toldi, is out and about causing trouble again.

His latest clips he's passed along — thank you — are of the midengine V8 Ferrari hybrid. Oddly enough, the car was testing in Stuttgart rather than Ferrari's Fiorano or the streets of Maranello.

Peculiar, really, since that's usually where all of Ferrari's research & development vehicles are spotted. But, it is what it is, folks.

That said, the car is bodied as a 488 GTB. This isn't a surprise since we've previously spotted a 488 around Maranello with an exposed rear end. That detail is critical as you could see the hook ups to the battery in the engine compartment a la the La Ferrari.

In this clip you'll note the stickers on the side of the prototype declaring it has some sort of battery/electric system going on.

Stay tuned for the latest, Spies.

The brand new Ferrari Dino 488 V6 Hybrid 2019 barely disguise prototype caught in a district of Stuttgart (Germany).

SPIED + VIDEO: Nabbed On Film, ANOTHER Look At Ferrari's Midengine, V8 Hybrid

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