When it comes to large, luxury sedans, it seems to us like it's a market that's in a bit of turmoil. With large sport-utility vehicles getting all the love and even, weirdly enough, upstarts like the Tesla Model S taking a bite of the apple, we're operating in an all-new time.

We're looking forward to seeing how it shakes out.

But, that doesn't mean the automakers are stopping the production of these magnificent autos. In fact, our ace in the hole, Fred Khaz, recently spotted something on one of SoCal's freeways.

Caught out and in the open, this large luxury sedan wasn't sporting too much camouflage. It had just enough to keep things interesting.

WHICH vehicle is it?

Can you guess?

HINT: It's already been revealed.

SPIED! Nabbed In SoCal, WHICH Large Luxury Sedan Is This?

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