One of the largest U.S. auto dealers just had a rough quarter selling BMWs, and a top executive said Tesla Inc. played a major role.


Sonic Automotive Inc., the fifth-largest U.S. dealership group, reported a disappointing fourth-quarter profit on Wednesday.


Dyke said. “My hat off to them -- they’re selling a lot of cars, and there is no question in California that it’s getting in our shorts.”

The Spies say the car that USED to be unbeatable and the most important product they sell, the BMW 3-Series, is getting OWNED in Ca. by Tesla.

And there is NO sign BMW has an answer coming soon or EVER.

Is the 3-series DONE or can BMW stage a comeback? And if so, HOW?

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Is Tesla A CULT? Whatever It Is, It's HAMMERING BMW Just Like We Predicted

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