As enthusiasts, we've essentially seen the writing on the wall for quite some time now, Spies. The green movement is in full force.

Emission standards are imposing limitations on manufacturers and the art of possible, so it's no surprise that automakers are ditching motors with more cylinders. Say good bye to V12s, V10s and V8s.

Agent 001 posted yesterday about BMW potentially discontinuing the next-gen V12 and V8 7-Series. The Bavarians would join Mercedes who has publicly said the V12 is not much longer for Earth.

Having said that, this got me thinking on my commute home tonight. IF you were to pick a V8 vehicle that's produced today that you *think* may be HOT and valuable down the road, which V8 auto would you select?

What say you, Spies?

With V8s Singing Their Swan Song, WHICH V8 Vehicle Produced Today Do YOU Think Will Be HOT Down The Road?

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