Congratulations are in order for the Jaguar team. That's because its very first electric vehicle, the I-Pace, has come away winning high honors at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show (GIMSSWISS).

For the first time ever, Jaguar has won the European Car of the Year.

We've been keeping an eye on reviews of the all-new I-Pace and they've been, overall, very positive on the leaping cat's EV. Some even say it's better than the Tesla Model 3.

Who would have thought that a Jaguar would best another automaker in terms of build quality?

According to the folks at Autocar, who vote as part of the panel, the I-Pace won by the skin of its teeth. That's because it was tied with the Alpine A110, which is the mid-engine sensation from France. The I-Pace came away with the victory as two more judges gave it first place votes.

The electric Jaguar I-Pace has claimed a narrow victory in the European Car of the Year award, edging out the Alpine A110.

The British firm's electric SUV finished level on points with the A110 in the jury voting and was declared the winner after a tie-break based on how many judges had given a first-place vote to each car. The I-Pace received 18 first-place votes, compared with 16 for the A110.

It is the first time in the history of the event that two cars have finished tied after the main jury vote and the first time a Jaguar has won the award...

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#GIMSSWISS: The Jaguar I-Pace WINS The 2019 European COTY

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